Kuopion Moottoripyöräclubi ry, KMC was founded 1981 and is located in Kuopio, Finland.

We are a group of people dedicated to establishing a good image of the tour motorcycling. We promote motorcycle safety while having fun riding and doing family and community oriented activities. KMC is a member of Suomen Motoristit Ry, SMOTO (i.e. Finnish Motorcyclists' Association).

The club is open to all type of motorcycles and to join the club you don’t have to own a motorcycle - having interest to motorcycles is enough. You can also benefit from being a member by having e.g. discount on spares, accessories and ferry rates.

In summer our club activities concentrate on:

  • Attending motorcycle meetings

  • Community oriented activities

  • Social evenings

  • FINITA (Finnish-Italian motorcycle meeting)

  • Safety seminars, motorcycle handling trainings

In winter:

  • Club evenings once a week

  • Going to the motorcycle exhibitions (e.g. Helsinki fare)

  • Bowling

  • Taking care of our own motorcycles

  • Sauna evenings

  • Our own motorcycle exhibition Kuopion MP-näyttely

Contact info:

Torikatu 9

70100 KUOPIO


Telephone +358 (0) 50 464 1981 (club room)