Origin of FINITA

In the spring of 1995, Giovanni Franchi was riding around the last gatherings with his motorcyclist friends before he moved to Finland. His friends said a Giovanni è FINITA which means Giovanni, it’s over now, the end to the good get-togethers because of the long distance.

Giovanni responded to them: non è FINITA, sarà FINITA! It’s not the end but there will be FINITA, a Finnish-Italian riders’ meeting every other year in either country.

After Giovanni had moved to Finland, he found Kuopion Moottoripyöräclubi that would arrange such a meeting in his new hometown. Thus his idea to create and maintain friendships between motorcyclists from different countries was born.

FINITA is an international motorcyclists’ meeting event and meant for motorcyclists interested in different cultures and making friends.

The event has made known national and regional culture in both countries, but the main focus has been on getting together and relaxation in the great company of motorcyclists.

Kuopion Moottoripyöräclubi ry is responsible for arranging the events in Finland. Smaller pre and post FINITA meetings have taken place in addition to the actual meetings (Pre- and Dopo-FINITA, in Italian). Touring Finlandia Moottorikerho ry has been active in arranging and informing about of these side events in Finland.

Alberto Dosi, motorbiker friend from Turano Lodigiano, Giovanni’s home village, has arranged several Dopo-FINITAs in Italy, and the last one was in 2016 in his new home country in St. Oswald, Austria.

Adriano Parri from Toscana has twice arranged Dopo-FINITA in Montalcino. Motoclub Jarno Saarinen has once arranged Dopo-FINITA in Petrignano d’Assisi.

It’s been a tradition to reward FINITA riders who have made the longest trip, or the youngest participant as well as the most loyal FINITA visitors.

History of FINITA

The first FINITA meeting was organized on camping site Rauhalahti in Kuopio, Finland. The year was 1997.

1997; FIN- Kuopio, Rauhalahti

1998; ITA- Faenza

1999; FIN- Kuopio, Rauhalahti

2000; ITA- Faenza

2001; FIN- Kuopio, Rauhalahti

2002; ITA- Faenza

2003; FIN- Kuopio, Rauhalahti

2004; ITA- Cavallino

2005; FIN- Kuopio, Rauhalahti

2006; ITA- Caorle

2007; FIN-Tuusniemi

2008; ITA- Varzi

2009; FIN-Tuusniemi

2010; ITA- Carpi

2011; FIN-Tuusniemi

2012; ITA- Petrignano di Assisi

2013; FIN-Tuusniemi

2014; ITA- Il lago di Trasimeno/ Polvese

2015; FIN- Kuopio, Rauhalahti

2016; ITA- Orbetello

2017; FIN- Parainen/Turku

2018; A – Sankt Oswald bei Haslach (Dopo-Finita)

2019; FIN- Tervo

The number of Finns visiting FINITA events in Italy has been 100 -150. Events in Finland have been visited by 40-90 guests from Central Europe, mainly from Italy.